The Vine and the Branches
Federico Suarez
No of pages: 176 Size: 12x18 cm
ISBN: 978-35129-0-0


One of the worst evils God encounters in the world is ignorance since it is impossible to love a person whom we do not know. In the final analysis, either we know God or we don't know him. And many don't know God in the light of what he has revealed. They know a god fashioned by their own thoughts, which are often the result of fears and worldly ambitions. We may say that they don't know God at all, because what they know about him in no way corresponds to what he actually is. And only when we know God can we love him, for love is deeds, not sweet words.

This book draws from the clear waters of Catholic Truth to help the reader, who is so often immersed in a contaminated doctrinal environment, acquire the certainty of the Faith.