Simon Peter
Georges Chevrot
No of pages: 228 Size: 12x18 cm
ISBN: 978-35393-4-5


Two men, face to face: Jesus, son of Mary, and Simon, son of John. Simon is a young fisherman; he has a boat. Jesus is a carpenter, young also. The friendship between these two men, their relationships and conversations, their characters and the influence of One over the other, are treated in this book of Msgr. Chevrot in a most inspiring and original way. We really know Peter and how he loves, we see into his mind, we sympathise with him. He had great qualities, and we love them and admire them. But he had .one great defect: an impetuosity which made him always do the first that occurred to him, which led him to great bravery, and great cowardice.

We see in Peter a friend with almost all our own weaknesses; we discover how he solved his problems, and find ourselves seized by a great desire to imitate his virtues. For Simon Peter is a book of deep spirituality - of a very practical type, applied to our everyday lives.