Searching for and Maintaining Peace
Jacques Philippe
No of pages: 144 Size: 12x18 cm
ISBN 978-07270-1-9


Our day and age is one of agitation and inquietude. This tendency, evident in the daily life of our contemporaries, also manifests itself frequently in the domain of Christian and spiritual life. Our search for God, for saintliness, and our efforts to love and serve our neighbors are also frequently fraught with agitation and anxiety instead of being full of confidence and peace, as they should be if we were to find ourselves imbued with the attitude of small children, as the Gospels command us.
However, it is essential for us to come to understand that the way to God and the perfection that is demanded of us is shorter and more efficacious, markedly easier too, when one has learned, little by little, how to conserve, in all circumstances, a profound peace of heart. Because then the heart allows itself to be driven by the Holy Spirit and God is able to do more with it by His grace than the heart could do by its own efforts.

These considerations are presented in the first part of this book. The second part reviews a number of situations in which we frequently find ourselves and try to explain how to confront them in light of the Gospels so as to conserve an interior peace. In the tradition of the Church, this teaching is often addressed by spiritual masters. The third part of the book presents a selection of texts by authors of various ages, who represent and illustrate the different themes treated.