Mother of God and our Mother

Antonio Orozco

No of pages: 124 Size: 12x18 cm
ISBN: 978-37725-6-2


In a sublime and singular way, Christ chose to unite to his being and mission the Blessed Virgin, his Mother, through the action of the Holy Spirit. We cannot fully understand our Redemption without understanding the active presence of the Blessed Virgin, Mother of God and our Mother. The Creator adorned her with extraordinary privilages: MAry is a daring participant in Christ's redemptive work.

In no way can Mary lead us away from Christ. On the contrary, "no one in the history of the world has been more Christocentric, more a Christ bearer, than she. And no one has been more like Him, not only with the natural likeness of mother and son, but with the likeness of spirit and of holiness" (Pope John Paul II).