Life of Mary

Franz Willam

No of pages: 334 Size: 12x18 cm
ISBN: 978-35393-8-8


A major work on the entire life of Mary.

Unlike most standard lives of Mary, this book is grounded on a precise and scientific exegesis of the Sacred Scripture.

To this biblical background the author adds his knowledge of the practices, customs, and usages prevailing in the Palestine of that day.

The result is a moving, authentic life-story of the greatest woman who ever lived.

All events of our Lady's life, from the unfathomable mysteries of our Redemption to her smallest routinary chores, are described with brilliant scholarship. All the charm, the breath of vision, the depth of spirituality of this classical author are found here in abundance.

A basic reference for the priest and laymen to know the real everyday life of our Lady.

Recommended to all those who love Mary and want to know everything about her.