Introduction to Devout Life

St Francis de Sales

No of pages: 382 Size: 12x18 cm
ISBN: 978-35129-3-5


INTRODUCTION TO DEVOUT LIFE is one of the great religious and devotional masterpieces of all time. Written for Christians in every walk of life and every age, the book transcends secular lines and provides a unique handbook of spiritual reflection for people in the world.

When the INTRODUCTION TO DEVOUT LIFE first appeared, it was recognised as a master piece of mystical and devotional literature, and for four centuries there has been no dissent from this judgment. Its greatness lies in many things: in its originality, its completeness, its sincerity, its balance, its penetration and its style. It is one of those rare productions of human genius which are completely successful in what they wish to do. As such, it is beyond adverse criticism in any important way.