Human Sexuality and Sex Education

Mark Nwagwu & Jerry E. A. Okwuosa

No of pages: 112 Size: 12x18 cm
ISBN: 978-36269-1-4


HUMAN SEXUALITY AND SEX EDUCATION is a challenging and timely study on the current and important topic of sexuality. It present the ideal of chastity with a clear and appealing language easily understood by both young and old.

This book vividly explains the principles guiding education in human sexuality and other related issues. It helps parents in teaching their children the virtue of chastity, frequently attacked by the advertising industry, video clubs, certain internet web sites, fashions, etc. This book answers the question of what, when and how parents should teach sexuality to their children. It succeeds in presenting morals as an integral part of sexual education, which must be provided in the broadest context of education for love and chastity.
Parents are encouraged to provide information on chastity and sexuality with delicacy and clarity at the appropriate time. Practical guidelines for parents to teach their children as good friends are also included as well as useful tips for the youth.