The Memoirs of Hasid
Tomas Trigo
No of pages: 206 Size: 14.5x20.5 cm
ISBN 978-978-072-715-4


“He’s very charming,” Mary said while she gave me a kiss on the forehead. “Jesus will love playing with him, don’t you think?”
“He’ll have so much fun,” answered Joseph. “By the way, you’ll have to think of a name for him. Pick whatever name you wish.”
Mary looked at me and thought for a second. Then she said:
“His eyes make him look like a faithful dog. We could call him… Hasid. What do you think?”

Hasid is a white dog with a yellow spot in the shape of a star on the forehead. He was chosen among all dogs to be the guardian of the most wonderful family in the world. Through his own narrative we get to know and become familiar with Joseph, Mary and the Child, as one more member of the family. But we also become acquainted with Sereno the donkey, Chanticleer the rooster, Bolo the Magis’ dog and Dodger the intellectual dog.
This is a tender story of adventures and good humour which will soon become a classic.

Illustrations by Beatriz Trigo