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Forever Chimes

Mark Nwagwu

No of pages: 376 Size: 15x22 cm

This book is about the life and times of Pa. Akadike of Okeosisi and the life of his child prodigy, great grand-daughter Chioma, born of Pa Akadike's grand-daughter Onyebuchi and described as embodying the essence of the Akadike's, a true personification of her Akadike ancestry, bearer of all Akadike history, bearing their truths and secrets . . . Chioma is described virtually from the womb, through her childhood in Lagos and childhood encounters with her grandfather right through her undergraduate days at Georgetown University in Washington to the point when she has settled on a graduate programme of the University of Maryland and Obafemi Awolowo University.

This is a novel that will provide relief to those who are seeking harmony and coherence among the confusing welter of beliefs that have flooded our land since the coming of the colonialists. ( Professor Femi Osofisan, University of Ibadan)

... The reader is warmed to the thoughts of an African ready to blend the best of his world with Euro/Western philosophical thoughts and traditions and then . . . oh no! Does history not always manage to repeat itself? (Professor Augusta Omamor , University of Ibadan)