Conversations with Mgr. Escriva
St Josemaria Escriva
No of pages: 192 Size: 12x18 cm
ISBN: 978-36269-8-1


These interviews, given during the lifetime of St Josemaria Escriva, explain what Opus Dei is and describe some basic aspects of its spirit and organisation. The replies of Opus Dei's founder, despite the awkwardness of the inadequate juridical terminology at the time, explain its aim to spread in all spheres of society a deep awareness of the universal call to holiness and apostolate, in the fulfilment of one's own ordinary professional work.

Saint Josemaria also addressed issues on family life, education, society and the Church.

Freedom of the individual, love for the Chruch, and his own supernatural outlook and human warmth are features that permeate these Conversations.