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Raise happy children... Teach them virtues


This lecture given at Whitesands school in May 2009 is based on Mary Ann Budnik's books: “Raise Happy Children…Teach Them Virtues!” and “Raise Happy Children…Teach Them Joy!”, her last two of the series on children upbringing published by R.B. Media Inc., USA .

Drawing from her extensive research and experience as a mother of three and grandmother of ten, and the feedback from participants in the public lectures she gives, Budnik convincingly explains in a step-by-step fashion how to raise virtuous and responsible children. She explains that when we develop virtues, our intellect perceives what is really good for us and how this motivates us to seek true perfection. Growing in virtues is the only way to happiness and peace in the family. In other words, what makes family life difficult is someone's lack of virtue!

Coming down to details and using the example positive or negative example of famous people, Budnik describes the different virtues that need to be developed by children of different age groups, always keeping in mind the child's temperament type.

At the end of the lecture she answers questions from parents with an inspiring expertise, making the session even more practical and interesting.