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Abandonment to Divine Providence

J.P. de Caussade

No of pages:128 Size: 12x18 cm


Abandonment to Divine Providence is undoubtedly one of the great Christian spiritual works of all time. Called by Dom David Knowles "a spiritual classic of the first order... a book for all those who truly seek God," it has a deserving place among the outstanding spiritual guides.

In it, Caussade outlines the means to attain holiness through total surrender of the soul to God, complete cooperation with his will in all things. He enphasizes that we must embrace the present moment, for it provides "an ever-flowing source of holiness." Total acceptance of the present moment and all the activities of that moment is the single most important concern of the soul seeking God. All things are sent by God, writes Caussade, and however troublesome they are, they will -if accepted gladly- lead us surely and quickly to holiness.