Solving Problems Occurring Early in Marriage
Charles M. & Victoria A. Amulega
No of pages: 176 Size: 14x21 cm ISBN: 978-978-072-719-2

Some books are very good, but perhaps a bit hard to follow because they are over-theoretical. The goodness of Solving Problems Occurring Early in Marriage lies especially in the fact that it is very practical, being drawn from the wealth of the experience both authors gained while giving lectures, seminars and having discussions with oung married couples or with young men and women preparing for marriage.

The authors show how a successful marriage is largely a matter of mutual understanding; but very especially too a matter of being ready to give rather than just wanting to take. This is also true, for without generosity neither marriage nor any real friendship can prosper or even survive.

Solving Problems Occurring Early in Marriage is a must for any young couple seriously contemplating marriage, and equally so for any married couple who seriously want to keep their married love alive, and to continue in their marvellous undertaking of creating that good family atmosphere which often seems so lacking in families today and which, if created, will give new hope to our modern world.