Fundamentals of Business Ethics
Prof J.M. Elegido
No of pages: 461 Size: 14x21.5 cm
ISBN: 978-978-072-714-7


This book was written keeping especially in mind the needs of practicing executives, primarily those working in Nigeria.

Coming at a time when the nation's business environment is filled with cases of Advanced Fee Fraud, the book serves as an ethical guide to those involved in business. It covers the main issues that arise in the field of busineses ethics both at the corporate level and at the level of the individual manager.

At the corporate level, it discusses in detail the main responsibilities of business firms towards their employees, providers of funds, customers, suppliers, distributors, competitors and the communities the in which they work.

At the level of the individual manager, it highlights the main responsibilities of business executives towards their firms, paying special attention to the practical implications of the managers' position as fiduciaries.

The book, written in everyday language, contains three introductory chapters in which questions of general ethical theory which have special relevance to business ethics are discussed in detail. Though the primary audience of the book are business executives, yet students of philosophy, business administration, business law, purchasing and supply and economics will find the book useful.